Call for abstracts – University of Copenhagen

Call for abstracts

Submit abstracts to: Inge Stupak (
Deadline: 15 October 2017
Notification of acceptance: 1 December 2017
Template for abstract submission is available here

We invite presentations on research that examines, reviews, or analyses topics relevant to the conference theme and sub-themes, or build hypotheses and theory that address these. If possible, presentations should include a statement on how the governance systems for bioenergy and the bio-economy may be improved, based on the presented research. The applied scale of the research can be local, national, regional, international or global.

The conference sub-themes are intended to encourage submissions with broad representation of the various regions in Europe, North America and internationally.

  • Sustainability impacts of biomass production
    Impacts of biomass production and recovery on economic, social and environmental ecosystem services at all scales, from stand or field level to whole landscapes, including, for example, results from field experiments and modelling.

  • Policies and governance systems to assure sustainability of bio-based supply chains
    Policies and sustainability governance systems or complexes in specific geographical settings, including, for example, drivers of their emergence and development, roles of the involved actors, prescriptiveness of the systems’ substantive or procedural rules, thresholds, robustness of document tracking systems, and levels of enforcement.

  • Data and methodologies to verify sustainable practices
    Availability and suitability of research, data, maps, models, tools and methodologies, and how such knowledge and information may support development of credible sustainability governance systems, their implementation, demonstration of compliance, examination of effectiveness on-the-ground, and guidance on their improvement and adaptation to new conditions.

  • Stakeholder perceptions and engagement in relation to sustainability governance
    Stakeholders and the public’s roles in the developing sustainability governance systems, their perceptions of sustainability of bioenergy and the bio-economy, and communication and dialogues as a means to reach common understanding on such issues.