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Landscape Architecture and Planning

Examples of collaboration projects

Future landscapes: In collaboration with 12 municipalities.

Future landscapes have to encompass many functions – but how do we include an efficient production landscape as well as a harmonic nature- and recreation landscape that is desirable to live in? A national research programme will in 2014-17 improve the Danish landscape planning from Jammerbugten in the North to Guldborgsund in the South. The programme involves 12 municipalities, the Danish Hunters Association, the Danish Outdoor Council and five research institutions. Just over 12 million DKK have been set aside for the project. The financing is from 15. Juni Fonden, Nordea-fonden, Tips- og Lottomidler and the participating partners.

Read more on Future Landscapes’ website (in Danish).


Jørgen Primdahl, professor,
Lone S. Kristensen, associate professor,

Slotsgrus: Spontaneous innovation

Slotsgrus® was developed in 2002 in connection with the renovation of paths in Frederiksberg Gardens, carried out by Slots- og Ejendomsstyrelsen. The former Forest & Landscape participated as consultants. The gravel surfacing was required to be of a high standard with regards to quality as well as its functionality at all times of the year and in all weather conditions. A total of 15 different gravel products were tested in a two-year period and continuously monitored and evaluated. One of the 15 was chosen, as it met all demands. As a direct extension of the project, a wish arose to ensure that others could use the chosen product. Consequently the product was named Slotsgrus®, which is protected by a trademark registration owned by University of Copenhagen.

Read more on Slotsgrus®’s website (in Danish).


Jan Luxhøj Støvring, senior research consultant,

Water in Urban Areas: Collaboration project

IGN is also the driving force in larger partnerships, for example Water in Urban Areas with more than 130 research institutions, producers, utility companies, consultants and public institutions working together. The aim is to contribute to climatically robust and sustainable cities through productive rainwater management. We wish to include all stakeholders in developing practically useful solutions, document the effect, increase technological innovation, public innovation and increased value, and increase the export potential.

Read more on Water in Urban Areas’ website (in Danish).


Marina Bergen Jensen, professor,

PartnerLandskab: Sectorial collaboration

In PartnerLandskab, IGN gathers stakeholders from the green sector and strengthens the collaboration between professional organisations, companies, public administration, and researchers at IGN. Members can have current challenges looked into, while at the same time getting insight into the newest knowledge. The aim of PartnerLandskab is to produce useful research-based knowledge that can be implemented immediately to the members’ practice. This is done by gathering and sharing experience and knowledge about current professional problems, as well as testing new methods that can increase professional capabilities or ease well-known work routines. In PartnerLandskab our aim is that a typical project will last 9-12 months from the project has started until it has been disseminated to the partners.

Read more on PartnerLandskab’s website (in Danish).

Jan Luxhøj Støvring, senior research consultant,