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Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen

Verner Brandbyge Ernstsen

Associate Professor

  • Geography

    Øster Voldgade 10, 1350 København K, Building: 6.1.639

    Phone: +45 35 32 25 21

Member of the Research Group Dynamic Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology

Member of the Center for Permafrost (CENPERM)

Current research

Surf zone turbulence and sand transport, funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research | Natural Sciences (FNU), 2015-2018, PIs: T. Aagaard, G. Ruessink, M.G. Hughes, V.B. Ernstsen

LAWA - Closing the gap! – Coherent land-water environmental mapping, funded by Geocenter Denmark, 2015-2016, PIs: V.B Ernstsen, A. Kroon, M.R. Jepsen, B. Fog, J.O. Leth, Z. Al-Hamdani, N.K. Larsen

SEDILINK - Flow circulation and sediment dynamics in a non-tidal coastal lagoonal system – Rødsand lagoon, Denmark, funded by Femern A/S and DHI, 2014-2017, PIs: V.B. Ernstsen, A. Kroon, N.K. Drønen, B.H. Jakobsen

Bridging scales: From small-scale morphological and sedimentological features to coastal and shelf systems, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), 2012-2017, PIs: C. Winter, T. von Dobeneck, A. Bartholomä, V.B. Ernstsen, T. Hanebuth, K. Huhn, A. Kopf

The role of seabed morphology and sediment mobility in organic matter remineralization and nutrient turnover in permeable sandy sediments, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), 2012-2017, PIs: M. Holtappels, C. Winter, A. Bartholomä, D. de Beer, V.B. Ernstsen, T. Goldhammer, M. Kuypers, F. Wenzhöfer


BSc courses

  • Physical Geography, 1st year (block 2)
  • Physical Geography Field Course, 1st year (block 4)
  • Theory of Science and Ethics for Geography, 2nd year (block 2)
  • Point Based GIS Analyses and Methods, 2nd/3rd year (block 2)
  • Hydrology, 2nd/3rd year (block 4)
  • Natural Resource Management and Integrated Coastal Zone Management, 2nd/3rd year (block 4)

MSc courses

  • Coastal, Estuarine and Fluvial Geoscience (part 1) (block 1)
  • Numerical Modelling in Fluvial, Coastal, Estuarine and Marine Environments (block 3)
  • Marine Geoscience (block 4)

PhD course

  • Coastal Morphodynamics, Skallingen, Denmark (Summer School)

Thesis supervision (as main supervisor)

  • BSc theses: 10 completed / 1 ongoing
  • MSc theses: 8 completed / 3 ongoing
  • PhD theses: 1 ongoing

ID: 33609631