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Trine Agervig Carstensen

Trine Agervig Carstensen

Associate Professor

  • Landscape Architecture and Planning

    Rolighedsvej 23

    1958 Frederiksberg C

    Phone: +45 35 33 18 40

Trine Agervig Carstensen is associate professor in Urban Planning and Everyday Life at Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, Division of Landscape Architecture and Planning. She is part of the research group Spatial Change and Planning.

Trine is trained as a social scientist with a Master degree in Geography and History from Roskilde University (1999). She holds a PhD degree in Architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture (2005): The Neighbourhood from a Child’s Altitude. On Places and Paths in Modern Children’s Everyday Life.

Her fields of research are urban liveability, sustainability and everyday life; citizen’s experience and practice in urban public space (especially children, youth, families with children); cycling cultures and velomobility; spatiality of everyday life; place attachment; methodologies to investigate meaning of places; citizen’s perspectives on urban policies and planning.

Currently she works on human behavioural aspects in energy efficient cities (EU FP7 PLEEC).

She also researches everyday cultures of cycling among Danish families with children in the project ’Bikeability – cities for zero-emmison travel and public health’ ( )

Young people’s participation in urban planning is the topic of research in the project ‘Youth and collaborative learning’.

In the project ‘Everyday Landscapes’ she researches everyday activity patterns and preferences of dwelling qualities among Danish families with children.

Trine supervises PhD scholar Chunli Zhao (Bicycle Transportation System for Future Cities) and PhD scholar Mohammed Almamood (Holistic Street Capacity Assessment Methods for Sustainable Urban Development).

She is responsible for two BA courses for Landscape Architects: Urban Socio-spatial Analysis and Urban Sociology.


Primary fields of research

Research activities


‘PLEEC - Planning for Energy Efficient Cities’ (EU FP7 2013-2016), Tasks:   Participation in WP5 on behaviour driven energy efficiency, case studies of   best available practices.

‘Bikeability – Cities for zero-emission travel and public health’ (Danish Council for Strategic Research 2010-2014), Tasks: Participation in WP1 on backgrounds for transport behaviour, national survey and case studies of families transport behaviours.

‘Hvidbog om stationsbyer’ [Future Development of Small Towns] (Foundation Realdania, 2012-2013), Tasks: case studies of social organization and coherence.

‘Unges inddragelse samarbejdsdreven innovation i planlægningen af mindre byer’ [Youth participation in Collaborative Innovation for Planning in Small Towns] (2011-12, Danish Ministry of Social Affairs), Tasks: case studies of participatory processes.

‘Klimatilpasning i byplanlægningen’ [Climate adaptation and urban planning] (Danish Ministry of Environment, 2008), Tasks: literature review.

‘Hverdagslandskaber’ [Everyday Landscapes] (Foundation Realdania 2004-2009), Tasks: Research partner in ‘Centre for Strategic Urban Research’, responsibility for WP: Everyday landscapes,

‘Bykvarterets brug og betydninger’ [Urban Neighbourhoods – Preferences and Practices] (Foundation Aase and Ejnar Danielsen 2004-2007), Tasks: case studies of families everyday life, transport and preferences for urban quality.

‘Læring gennem deltagelse’ [Learning Through Participation] (Danish Ministry of Environment, 2003), Tasks: network building and dissemination of research perspectives.

‘Fremtidens grønne byrum’ [The Future of Open Urban Space] (Danish Ministry of Environment, 2003), Tasks: coordination and dissemination of state of the art   knowledge.

‘Barndom og velfærdssamfund’ [Childhood and Welfare Society] (Danish Research Council 1999-2003), Tasks: PhD research partner in WP   ‘Kvarteret som ramme om børns hverdagliv’ [The neighbourhood as setting for children’s everyday life]

‘Velfærdsbyen’ [The Welfare City] (Danish Research Council 2000-2004), Tasks:  Research partner in the network, dissemination of research.

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