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Dorthe Hedensted Lund

Dorthe Hedensted Lund

Senior researcher

  • Landscape Architecture and Planning

    Rolighedsvej 23

    1958 Frederiksberg C

    Phone: +45 35 33 16 97

My main research interest is in the field of environmental governance, i.e. how we by means of governance, planning and management can achieve a more sustainable management of natural resources. I have worked alot with the involvement of private actors in public governance or planning processes.

In terms of projects, I am working on a research programme on "Future Landscapes" aiming to find new ways to govern and manage landscapes to cater for the needs of the future and building on extensive civic participation. I am project manager for three projects under this programme: 1) Establishing a nature park in the municipality of Viborg, 2) Developing planning practices for the management of rural landscapes in Frederikssund municipality and 3) developing a holistic plan for management of a lake area in Ringsted municiplaity.

I have been working on several projects about climate change adaptation. Mainly in 3 Danish projects dealing with the motivations for adaptation in the Danish municipalities, first at the administrative level, then the political level and presently among private house owners in urban areas. Furthermore I work on an EU project on climate change adaptation in five African cities, where we address different approaches to the elaboration of climate change adaptation strategies in the five cities.

I have recently worked on a project on Collaborative Innovation in the Public Sector (CLIPS), which was concerned with the identification of barriers and drivers for public innovation within urban and landscape planning processes.

I teach the subjects "Theories of urban governance and planning" and "bypolitik (urban policy)"

I wrote my PhD-dissertaion at Forest & Landscape, Denmark, about the use of governance networks in the process of establishing national parks in Denmark. I finished her PhD in 2009, after which I was employed as a Postdoc.

I have a MSc. in Forestry from the Royal Veterinarian and Agricultural University (2005).

ID: 4238747