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Case Studies



Decentralisation, Small Farmers and Sustainability: A Case Study of the National Tree Seed Programme (NTSP) in Tanzania / Nathan, I. Danida Forest Seed Centre. 2003.  56 s. (Case Study No.4).




Conservation Plan for Genetic Resources of Zambezi Teak / Theilade I., Graudal LOV, Kjaer, ED.  Danida Forest Seed Centre 2001. 32 s. (Case Study No.2). Download pdf




Tree Planting Zones of Nepal.  Danida Forest Seed Centre / Lillesø, JPB, Dhakal LP, Shrestha TB,  Nayaju RP, Shrestha R and Kjaer ED. Danida Forest Seed Centre 2001. 45 s. (Case Study No.1). Download pdf


Addressing smallholders' demand for propagation material of woody species / Lillesøe, JPB, Dhakal, LP,  Jha, PK,  Aryal HL and Kjaer, ED. Danida forest Seed Centre. 2001. 47s. (Case Study No.3). Download pdf