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Bachelor Projects

The list is ordered alphabetically according to project title.

Optimization of an extraction method for wood

Already in the living tree does wood contain substances called extractives that help maintain its stability and durability. These substances help the tree defend itself against fungal attack. As part of an ongoing research project where we investigate these functions in more detail, it is important to know how to best extract these components. The long-term goal of the work is to use this knowledge to come up with more environmentally benign impregnation methods for wood from tree species that lack these extractives. To achieve this, the first step is to understand which extractives are present in the tree species that contain these substances and to find out how to extract them. This bachelor project will explore the use of different extraction methods/conditions of spruce and/or larch wood, with the highest possible selectivity and yield under non-destructive conditions. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the resulting extracts are part of the work. It is expected that the laboratory work will involve extraction, gravimetry and thin layer chromatography. Possibly, gas or liquid chromatography will be used as well.
Contact Sophie Füchtner, Lisbeth G. Thygesen

Examples of previous student projects

In 2016-17 Msc student Tor Simonsen has been working with David Canella, Benedikt Möllers and Claus Felby in relation to light induced electron transfer in LPMO’s (a group of biomass degrading enzymes).