Master and Bachelor projects in the Biogeochemistry group – University of Copenhagen

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Master and Bachelor projects in the Biogeochemistry group

The Biogeochemistry research group hosts a range of unique long-term experiments in Danish forest and semi-natural ecosystems, which offer excellent opportunities for master and bachelor projects. We have a strong national and international research profile with a focus and ambition to do excellent and relevant research in biogeochemistry and ecology.

Currently, we offer 15 different projects within the following topics

Our research and the student projects we offer focuses on studying biogeochemical processes in soils and their relations with vegetation through fieldwork and laboratory experiments.

Ecosystem Services, such as carbon sequestration and clean water, are central to our approach and we consider climate change, nitrogen deposition, management and land use to be the key drivers of changes in the ecosystems.

We strive to incite independent and critical thinking in our students approach to science and expect that you claim ownership of your projects. This is an opportunity for you to develop the project and influence it in ways you find relevant and interesting.

Do not hesitate to contact us with questions and inquiries about the projects or if you have an interesting idea for a project.

Ecosystem Services

Our working concept in the Biogeochemistry group at IGN. The concept of “Ecosystem Services” is central to the scope of our research and we consider four general topics and their interactions. For each of these topics we have a strong national and international research profile.