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Ash from biofuel in energy plants back to the forest and field ecotoxicological consequences (ASHBACK). Bevillingsgiver Strategic Research in Sustainable Energy and Environment, Styrelsen for forskning og Inoversion. 4,4 mio. kr (andel til IGN, KU).


GREEN CHRISTMAS - use of clover to control the herbicide growth in young Christmas tree plantations. Bevillingsgiver: GUDP, Ministeriet for Fødevarer, Landbrug og Fiskeri, NaturErhvervstyrelsen. 2,3 mio. (andel til IGN, KU).  kr.


Hazel for biomass production in agriculture and forestry: Tilvækst, dyrkningssikkerhed og biologisk indhold i stævningsskov. Bevillingsgiver: Gluds Legat. 0,8 mio. kr.


Urban soil chemistry in Copenhagen. Bevillingsgiver: Københavns Kommune. 50.000 kr. Projektleder.


Biological response to the application of wood chip ashes in forestry. Bevillingsgiver: Miljøstyrelsen. 0,5 mio. kr.


Use of an alternative deicer in Copenhagen – effects on environment and road tree vitality. Bevillingsgiver: Københavns Kommune. 3,4 mio kr.