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Biomass Science and Technology

Our aim is to contribute to the development of biomass knowledge and technology providing the highest level of sustainability in terms of optimized use of our land- and biomass resources with the lowest possible environmental impact.

Biomass Science and Technology

Biomass and bioenergy

The research group Biomass Science and Technologys research is focused on both fundamental and applied aspects of biomass and bioenergy.

This includes a fundamental understanding of the chemistry and physical properties of the plant cell wall and how it interacts with chemicals, catalysts and water during processing. It also includes studies of molecular level interactions between plant cell wall polymers and enzymes, water and chemical reagents.

Advanced biofuels

On the applied side of our research you will find large scale biochemical conversion of biomass to advanced biofuels (bioethanol and marine shipping fuels), the use of enzymes for processing of waste to energy and the production of nano-materials from biopolymers.

Biomass  on land use and agricultural production

A spin off from the large-scale projects has been that we started to study the impact of technologies once they move from the lab- to the large-scale. This includes among other the impact  the use of biomass  on land use and agricultural production.

Laboratory equipment

Our equipment includes state of the art microscopy and chromatography and

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