Master and bachelor students – University of Copenhagen

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Master and bachelor students

Daily life

We always aim to include our students in the group. This is both on a practical level – meeting participation, office sharing, and being a part of social activities – and also on a scientific level, where we expect academic opposition and suggestions. For instance during the weekly group meetings that include common breakfast as well as scientific presentations and discussions.    

Our students are expected to work independently, to make use of scientific literature, and to be motivated to work in the laboratory as the empirical data in most student projects are generated through lab-work. Regular meetings with supervisors and co-supervisors will ensure a steady progress of the projects.

Who to contact

If you have a specific subject or project idea you are very welcome to contact any of the members of the research group who you find relevant. See e.g. the keywords and publications of the different researchers in the group website.

You are also welcome to contact Head of Research Group Claus Felby, who can help you to narrow the scope and find relevant collaborators. Most often, we will not have ready-made projects to choose from; instead we will try to incorporate the student projects as a vital part of ongoing research.