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Forest Resource Assessment and Bioenergy

The research group focus on research within three closely related topics: 1) systems to monitor and estimate available forest and feedstock resources and potentials, 2) optimization of bioenergy feedstock production for high yields and ecosystem services, and 3) the climate change mitigation potential of forests, carbon sequestration and production and utilization of biomass for energy.

Bioenergy feedstock production, environmental services and impacts

We focus on biomass from forests, both when harvesting whole tree in thinnings and when slash is utilized after clear cuts, and from dedicated energy crops such as short rotation willow (SRC willow) and SRC poplar. We develop growth and yield models for estimating forest product and biomass production in forest and SRC crops. Based on experiments we investigate the production response of fertilization and other ecosystem service related effects like leaching of nitrogen, phosphorous, other nutrients and heavy metals, seepage water quantity, and biodiversity. We also investigate potential use of ash and sludge with specific attention to environmental and biodiversity effects. We synthesize knowledge on entire production systems and contribute to international processes like certification.

Inventories and monitoring

We focus on providing up to date information on forest resources and their development based on inventory data. Inventories include trees, forest products, carbon pools, biodiversity, pest and diseases, and ecosystem services. We integrate monitoring on multiple geographical and temporal scales, from small field experiments to national scale and from single measurements to extensive long term monitoring of field trials.  We focus on linkages between experimental data and large scale monitoring and varying time scales in order to provide more accurate resource assessments and prognosis tools, and as a basis for consolidation of sampling methods for forest resources assessments and models of growth and development.

Climate change mitigation effect of bioenergy and forest production

We investigate the climate change mitigating effects of carbon sequestration and storage in the living biomass, in the soil, and the effect of biomass substitution for fossil fuels and other in other materials. The activity involves side effects in the production chain and comparison will be made to other land-uses and production chains. Our research goes beyond the national level and we work in collaboration with people from all over Europe and other parts of the world with similar research interest. 

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