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Trees and Forest

The research group works with properties of woody plants, and their function in forest and forestry and explores the effects of environmental chanllenges, such as new diseases and hydrological changes. We also focus on the role of tree species in the forest environment, e.g. competition and symbioses. The tools employed include quantitative plant anatomy such as growth ring and bark analyses, for which we keep a large study collection, eco-physiological experiments, cultivation and management trials.

Trees and Forest

  • Advanced growth ring studies, focused on acclimation of Danish forest trees to climate in combination with growth conditions. This is based on a unique collection of long term field trials and a combination of competences in wood technology, growth patterns and regulation, microscopy, biochemical and numerical analysis and modeling.

  • Bark function and ecology, focused on bark as an investment for the tree, as a protection layer, and as a habitat for the epiphyte biodiversity.

  • Forest ecology,  analyses on long-term forest experiments, and including natural establishment and regeneration. Various approaches, such as  close-to-nature management and functional  integration vs. separation is used and related to all ecosystem service.

  • Sustainable management of forest, including afforestation, restoration, tending and thinning regimes with focus on adaptability, productivity, stability, and multi-functionality to strengthen the role and potentials of forests and forestry in sustainable development.

  • Health of trees, health indicators, defenses and development of damages. This particularly concerns newly invaded pest and disease problems and changed effects of well-known problems due to changing climate and globalization. 

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