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Projects starting and recently begun

  • Tree ring research - tree stress and xylem plasticity (with TREGEN and BIOMAS) (LGT)
  • Health problems in Quercus robur (Egens sundhedsproblemer, with partners Bregentved, Svenstrup, Giesegaard, Vemmetofte), Funding: SVANA 300 DKK (ICA)
    Sentinel Plant Network (EUPHRESCO) (HPR, IMT)
  • Biology and management of Cryphalus abietis,  Biologi og håndtering af Cryphalus abietis, Ædelgranbarkbillen, Promilleafgiftsfonden, 500 DKK (HPR)
  • Pest problems in cacao-production in  Ghana  in relation to climate changes (4 mno) (HPR, ARE)
  • Water holding capacity in bark: (HALA, HNR, LGT, TNL)
  • Raman microscopy of wood under decay – learning wood protection from trees (VILLUM FONDEN / 5.2 mill DKK), with ETH (Switzerland) and TUM (Germany) (LGT)
  • Utilization of whole trees for fuel chips in early thinning of afforestation stands. Experiment in six different afforestation stands of mixed hardwood species, comparing four thinning techniques to establish most cost effective harvesting in favour of future timber production (with skovdyrkerne ØST) Funding 200 DKK (KJS).
  • Anoplophora species, A. chinensis and A. glabripennis (HPR)
  • Biodiversity in Danish forest (VKJ)