Dynamic Geomorphology and Quarternary Geology – University of Copenhagen

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Dynamic Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology

Our work focuses on fluvial, coastal and estuarine sediment transport processes and morphodynamics, and on the reconstruction of Holocene sedimentary environments. We investigate process scales from grains to landscapes and from seconds to millennia. Furthermore, we work on integrated planning and management of river basins and the coastal zone.

Dynamic Geomorphology and Quarternary Geology

Our vision is to be a key-player in geomorphology and Earth surface processes both in research and education, addressing current and future Earth and environmental challenges and playing a prominent role in the societal debate related to these challenges.

Our mission is to improve the understanding and role of geomorphology and Earth surface processes in the climate and environmental system, and to educate new generations of academics and scientists with skills and competencies to address future global challenges.

Our approach is field investigations and experiments in interplay with numerical modelling and lab experiments; we pursue a process-based understanding of geomorphology and landscape evolution with an Earth system science approach, including anthropogenic impact.

Current research projects

Recently completed research projects