Activities and plans – University of Copenhagen

Activities and plans

The research group Environment and Society in Developing Countries has in the recent past ensured funds to initiate a number of larger research projects. The activities cut across the range of key research issues that the group is organised around, and involve all permanent staff members in the group in various combinations.

International collaboration

The group attracts many young, international researchers and in connection with the FFU funded activities, the group receives visiting Ph.D. students and guest researchers from the Global South for education and collaborative work.

International collaboration is highly appreciated and ensured through a range of other mechanisms such as:

  • Planned sabbaticals for permanent staff abroad
  • Research capacity projects in the Global South
  • Participation in international field experiments within earth observation and validation
  • Participation in international research networks
  • Advisory services to international organisations (e.g. OECD, WB, UNCTAD, UNFCCC)
  • Participation in centres of excellence at UoC (Waterworlds, CAST)
  • Participation in cross-Faculty thematic centres (Space Science, Earth Systems Science)
  • Contributing to the platforms in ‘Building Stronger Universities' (Danish Universities)
  • Leadership of Ernst Strungman Forum on ‘Global Land Use', etc.

Publication strategy

The group focuses on presenting the outcome of the research through channels with maximum visibility for the relevant research communities. Publications in ISI journals are given high priority, but as book publishing is considered an equally important way of presenting results.

In relation to the research group's many EU and FFU funded projects, publishing also takes place in formats more readily available for policy makers and training purposes.