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Water Resources

The research field focuses on the advancement of techniques for monitoring and simulating processes that govern fluxes of water and matter across hydrological domains; land surface, vadose zone, groundwater, and water bodies such as streams, lakes, and oceans.

Water Resources

The groups objectives are to improve our understanding of small- and large scale hydrological processes enabling us to better establish water balances for catchments and to design a sustainable use of the water resources; now and in a changing climate. It involves disciplines such as hydrology, hydrogeology, hydrogeophysics, geochemistry, and integrated hydrological modeling.

Ongoing reseach projects

Center for Hydrology (HOBE) 
Center of Lake Restoration(CLEAR)
Centre for Regional Change in the Earth System (CRES)
Groundwater resources development and sustainable agiculture (Danida Fellowship Centre)
Hydrological Forecasting and Data Assimilation (HYDROCAST)
TReNDS - Transport and Reduction of Nitrate in Danish Landscapes at various Scales (Danish Research Council)

Recent research projects

Environmental Technology for Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide (CO2-GS) 
Nitrate Reduction in Geologically Heterogeneous Catchment  (NICA)
Rehabilitation of degraded waters

Members of the research group

PhD students