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World in Denmark

World in Denmark is a biannual research conference that sheds light on central themes and problem areas. With landscape architecture and urbanism as a basis, the conference reaches out towards adjacent disciplines, architecture, urban design, art and aesthetic subjects, philosophy, heritage studies etc. 

At the conferences 5 renowned key note speakers show their own projects with relation to the yearly theme. The conferences also presents researchers’ peer reviewed papers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who as keynote speakers or participants have helped to make the World in Denmark a great conference and a pleasure to arrange. We hope you will continue to keep an eye on the upcoming program launched ultimo 2015.

The conference is organised by the research group for landscape architecture and urbanism.

10: World in Denmark 2014 - Nordic Encounters
9: World in Denmark 2013 – Here comes the sun
8: World in Denmark 2012 – City PLANTastic (forskerkonference)
7: World in Denmark 2011 – Fear of Nature
6: World in Denmark 2010 – As Found (forskerkonference)
5: World in Denmark 2009 – Change (pdf)
4: World in Denmark 2008 – The Third Landscape (pdf)
3: World in Denmark 2007 – Locus Iste
2: World in Denmark 2006 –
1: World in Denmark 2005 –