Spatial Change and Planning – University of Copenhagen

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Spatial Change and Planning

The group Spatial Change and Planning works with planning and management of urban areas, landscapes and rural districts. The research and teaching aims at creating a sustainable development of urban areas and cultural landscapes in national and international contexts.

Spacial Change and Planning

The research areas comprise urban areas, peri-urban areas and rural districts. It is a specific target to integrate these spatial entities. Human use of urban areas and landscapes plays a dominant role in our research. 

The research projects deals with management processes such as spatial planning, governance, involvement of citizens, innovation and entrepreneurship in the public and in the private sectors. The group uses analysis of urban areas and landscapes, such as landscape character assessment, mapping of ecosystem services and landscape functions. Action research in, e.g. concrete landscapes, cities or institutions plays a dominant methodological role. 

Specific themes in the research comprise, e.g. development of new planning tools in the rural countryside, climate adaptation in the landscape and as political/administrative process, governance of urban and regional development, development and transformation of rural districts, and the multifunctional role of agriculture and the rural landscape. The research group runs projects in Denmark, the EU and in developing countries.

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