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The Copenhagen Landscape Lectures is a public lecture series for everyone who is interested in how we shape our physical environment, across cities and landscapes, education and practice.

The fall 2017 CLL program takes departure in ecological approaches to design, planning, and socio-ecological development. Here we focus on the role of nature in metropolitan contexts by examining how designers and planners contribute to people’s experiences and communities. 
The lectures open questions of aesthetic experience and representation, social cohesion and conflict, design strategies and design rhetoric, by touching on the (bio) cultural dimensions of metropolitan nature in contexts like Melbourne, Copenhagen, New Zealand and  the United Kingdom (UK). Following the flows of evolving nature and socio-ecological development we thus aim to illustrate the multi-faceted face of ecological approaches to metropolitan transformation.

The first lecture is taking place:
September 19 at 16:30, Auditorium von Langen, Rolighedsvej 23, Frederiksberg
Biocultural dimensions of urban resilience

Double lecture with perspectives from Melbourne and Copenhagen

This double lecture brings an international perspective to current debates on urban nature and climate resilience, examining tensions and opportunities in urban nature planning and design. 

Dr. Cathy Oke is a city council member in the City of Melbourne and is the char of the Environmental Portfolio for the city.
City council member Cathy Oke will present Melbourne’ s climate adaptation  strategy with a specific focus on the city’s acclaimed ecosystem and place-based approach to urban biodiversity and urban greening.

Flemming Rafn Thomsen is the founding partner of Tredje Natur and aims to blur the deep divisions between city and nature in Danish architecture.
Danish architect Flemming Rafn Thomsen will bring a design-oriented perspective to Copenhagen’s climate resilience plan, engaging in examples of how people, architecture, and nature symbiotically inform each other. 

The next lecture will be held:
October 3 at 16:30, Auditorium von Langen, Rolighedsvej 23, Frederiksberg
Landscape urbanism: an ambitious yet tentative Nature project
Peter Connolly,  Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture, University of Wellington, New Zealand.

The last lecture will be held:
November 30 at 16:30, Auditorium von Langen, Rolighedsvej 23, Frederiksberg
Hydro-citizenship: Tracing how citizens and communities live with each other and their environment in relation to water.
Maggie Roe, Reader in Landscape Planning Research & Policy Engagement at Newcastle University, UK.

All lectures are held in English, are public and will be followed by an informal reception. University of Copenhagen, IGN, Landscape Architecture and Planning.
Contact: Natalie Gulsrud, Rikke Munck Petersen, Svava Riesto.


The lectures have been made possible thanks to donations from
scan|design Foundation