Yair Asael Alpuche Alvarez

Yair Asael Alpuche Alvarez

Ph.d.-studerende, Postdoc

My research focuses on land use management, planning, and governance, emphasizing the pivotal role of human agency in shaping landscapes. I explore how human behavior, values, and decisions influence land system dynamics and evolve in response to development initiatives such as policies, plans, and projects.

I investigate strategic approaches to managing social engagement for promoting positive behaviors conducive to a sustainable, greener, and more resilient future. My research covers diverse topics, including the impact of agricultural modernization on land use valuation, interdisciplinary analysis of watershed management, policy analysis from a social network and systems perspective, and the influence of land use subsidies on decision-making behavior.

To address my research questions, I employ a multi-method approach incorporating interviews, surveys, serious games, agent-based models, workshops, and scenario planning. Through these methodologies, I aim to provide comprehensive insights into the complex dynamics of land use decision-making and governance, empowering stakeholders with the knowledge needed to navigate towards a more sustainable and resilient future, while also assisting policy making.

ID: 233947958