Andrew Gordon Howe

Andrew Gordon Howe




Aktuel forskning

Andy’s PhD project focuses on the invasive multicoloured Asian ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) in Denmark and its interactions with several native insects including the flower bug (Anthocoris nemoralis)and the lime aphid (Eucallipterus tiliae). Through experiments and observations of interference and resource competition as well as molecular gut content analysis the present project aims at understanding the mechanisms underlying the success of the invasive beetle and the potential for coexistence among the assemblage of native species found on lime trees (Tilia sp.) in inner city parks.

Another aspect of the project involves investigating naturally occurring fungal entomopathogens (insect eating fungi) in trees in city parks and the extent to which the invasive ladybird is affected by these fungi.



Undervisnings- og vejledningsområder

  • Biodiversity in Urban Nature (BUN, postgraduate course, block 1), co-teacher with Hans Peter Ravn (responsible course teacher) and Kristoffer Nielsen. Link to course description
  • Invasion Biology 2013 (postgraduate course, block 4; case study: Harmonia axyridis), guest lecturer. Link to course description

ID: 32269338