Presentations – University of Copenhagen


Session I – Governing sustainability bioenergy, biomaterial and bioproducts based on agricultural crop and residue production, and regional approaches.
1 Bioenergy risk and risk management in the Nordic countries
Nicholas Clarke, Anders Chr. Hansen, Atle Wehn Hegnes
2 Agricultural Sustainability Governance for the Canadian Bioeconomy
Charles Lalonde and Maria Wellisch
3 Sustainability governance of biofuel and bioeconomic development: Complexity and data barriers

Jianbang Gan, Inge Stupak, Tat Smith

4 Improvements in nutrient and carbon retention in soils through energy crop integration into agricultural croplands
Shyam Nair, Michael Griffel, Damon Hartley, Gabe McNunn, and Ross Kunz
5 Drivers and effectiveness of sustainability governance of the Danish bioeconomy with respect to agricultural biomass production

Niclas Scott Bentsen, Inge Stupak

6 Spatially explicit modelling of biological productivity and economic attractiveness of short rotation woody crops
John Stanturf, Tim Young, James Perdue

Session II – Governing sustainability bioenergy, biomaterial and bioproducts based on agricultural crop and residue production, and regional approaches.

7 Environmental and economic analysis of novel perennial biogas crops
Moritz Wagner, Andreas Kiesel, Anja Mangold, Iris Lewandowski
8 The sustainability of growing agricultural energy crops in changing climate perspective
Vita Tilvikienė, Virmantas Povilaitis, Kęstutis Venslauskas
9 Governing sustainability during the different phases of German biogas sector development
Kay Schaubach, Thomas Horschig, Daniela Thrän
10 Multi-objective optimization modelling of bioenergy systems and landscape design
Nathaniel K. Newlands, David Lee, Edmund K. Mupondwa, David Zamar, Bhushan Gopaluni, Shahab Sokhansanj
11 Regional governance models: Novel multi-stakeholders approaches
Rocio Diaz-Chavez and Jinke van Dam

Session IV - Governing sustainability of forest-based bioenergy

12 Trust and legitimacy in governance of sustainability of bioenergy supply chains Maha Mansoor, Inge Stupak, Tat Smith


Forest certification in the context of different national regulatory frameworks – a comparative analysis of the identified non-conformities

Liviu Nichiforel, Bogdan Buliga, Ramona Elena Scriban


Governance and issues related to wood-based pellet production in the Southeast United States

Virginia Dale, Keith Kline, Esther Parish, Don Hodges and Neelam Pouydal


Governance of sustainable forest management and bioenergy in Ontario, Canada

Quentin Cheung and Tat Smith


Sustainability Assurance Systems for Woody Biomass

Christian A. Rahbek, Ondřej Tarabus


Sustainability of wood-based biomass supply chains - the role and practical application of certification

Simon Armstrong


Experiences with, and challenges in, Danish biomass sustainability governance – an industry perspective

Sune Balle Hansen, Anders Evald


Avoiding deforestation in the tropics through governance of global supply chains

Asger Strange Olesen and Simon Bager Laursen

Session V – Improving sustainability of the production of forest biomass for bioenergy, biomaterial and bioproducts
20 Storylines for future biomass outtake from agriculture and forestry in the Nordic countries
Martyn Futter, Dennis Collentine, Seppo Hellsten, Katri Rankinen, Jan Vermaat
21 Forest guidelines for sustainable forest harvesting residue removals: An international review
B. D. Titus, K. Brown, I. Stupak, H.-S. Helmisaari, V. Bruckmann, A. Evans, E. Vanguelova, N. Clarke, et al.
22 Evaluation of the potential impact of small-forest sized forest machinery on greenhouse gas emissions in energy sector
Santa Kalēja and Andis Lazdiņš
23 Logging residue harvest in coniferous final felling and thinning stands: Effects on soil organic matter properties
Aino Smolander, Tiina Törmänen, Veikko Kitunen
24 Impacts of bioenergy harvesting on heavy metal load from peatland forests
Liisa Ukonmaanaho
25 Bioenergy production side product wood ash for forest fertilization – results of social active persons survey
Dagnija Lazdina, Andis Lazdiņš, Modris Okmanis, Kalvis Pužulis

Session VI - Perceptions and communication of sustainability of bioenergy

26 Gaps in sustainability tools and schemes for bio-based products and stakeholders preferences and expectations
Sergio Ugarte, Stefan Majer, David Moosmann, Luana Ladu, Simone Wurster
27 The European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) – Compliance behavior analysis of German timber traders
Steven Dörr
28 Stakeholder perceptions on bioenergy development in Midwestern U.S. state of Iowa
Keith L. Kline, Virginia H. Dale, Tom L. Richard, Douglas L. Karlen, William W. Belden
29 Stakeholder perception and influence in the German biogas sector
Kay Schaubach, Thomas Horschig, Daniela Thrän
30 Positions, perceptions and influence of stakeholders on bioenergy sustainability
Thuy Mai-Moulin, Uwe Fritsche, Ulrike Eppler, Martin Junginger

Session III - Posters

P1 Resource management in the bioeconomy – a system dynamic approach for sustainable food
Andreas Nicolaidis
P2 Understanding indirect effects of bioenergy: Science-based ILUC Assessment
Keith L. Kline, Hans Langeveld, Virginia H. Dale, Rebecca A. Efroymson
P3 WOOD-CO2. A key figure for wood CO2-footprint
Per Bjerager
P4 The influence of design and management technology on hybrid aspen - perennial grass agroforestry system productivity
Dagnija Lazdina, Sarmite Rancane, Toms Sarkanābols, Kristaps Makovskis
P5 Integrating Kenyan smallholder beekeepers in local bio-enterprise initiatives: Socio-economic hindrances to rural livelihoods improvement and sustainability of bio-based economic solutions
Peter Musinguzi, Aske Skovmand Bosselmann, Mariéve Pouliot
P6 Lessons learned in the German biogas sector: Expert’s perceptions for a resilient risk governance in biogas
Johanny Perez Sierra, Claudia Bieling, Cordula Kropp, Dirk Scheer
P7 Governance of environmental sustainability of manure based centralized biogas production in Denmark
Teodorita Al Seadi, Inge Stupak, Tat Smith
P8 How logging residues of different tree species affect soil nitrogen cycling after final felling
Tiina Törmänen, Antti-Jussi Lindroos, Veikko Kitunen, Aino Smolander
P9 Variation of macro- and microelement occurance in a fertilized juvenile hybrid aspen (Populus tremula L. x P. Tremuloides Michx.) tree rings
Arta Bardule, Dagnija Lazdina, Lauma Busa, Arturs Viksna
P10 The effect of different fertilization types on common Osier’s and cup plant’s productivity in Western Lithuania
Gintaras Šiaudinis, Danutė Karčauskienė
P11 The use of forest biomass for energy production in Lithuania
Lina Beniušienė, Diana Lukminė, Iveta Varnagirytė-Kabašinskienė, Kęstutis Armolaitis
P12 Improving the financial performance of solid forest fuel supply using a simple moisture and dry matter loss simulation and optimization
Ari Laurén, Antti Asikainen, Jyrki-Pekko Kinnunen, Marjo Palviainen, Lauri Sikanen
P13 Long-Term Effects of Harvest Residues on Spruce-Fir Site Productivity Following Whole-Tree and Stem-Only Harvesting
Chris Preece, Charles Smith, Brian Roth, Russell Briggs, Ivan Fernandez
P14 Effects of biochar on carbon and nitrogen cycling in boreal Scots pine forests
Marjo Palviainen, Frank Berninger, Kajar Köster, Viktor Bruckman, Jukka Pumpanen
P15 Trickle down impacts on water: Filtering bioeconomy storyline data from the national to the small catchment scale
Dennis Collentine, Jelena Rakovic, Ida Nordin, Katarina Kyllmar and Martyn Futter
P16 Plant diversity and species abundances in two Norwegian spruce forest sites: Short-term effects of whole-tree harvesting and stem-only harvesting
Tonje Økland, Jørn-Frode Nordbakken, Holger Lange, Ingvald Røsberg, O. Janne Kjønaas, Kjersti Holt Hanssen, Nicholas Clarke
P17 Ecosystem services approach as contribution to sustainability governance in forest management
Edgars Jurmalis, Zane Libiete, Arta Bardule, Martins Lukins
P18 Feasibility of verifying sustainable forest management of secondary feedstocks to produce wood pellets in Southeastern USA and the Baltic States
Inge Stupak, C. Tattersall (Tat) Smith
P19 The use of LiDAR and sentinel-2 data in the detection of wet depressions in forest on mineral soils

Janis Ivanovs and Andis Lazdins

P20 Family owners’ restoration of longleaf pine forests around Enviva’s Cottondale wood pellet plant

Ben Larson


Show me research and demonstration sites for innovation

John Stanturf, Emile Gardiner, James Shepard, Ted Leininger, Erik Schilling, Stephen Schoenholtz