Pictures from the Greenlandic Arboretum 2011

Photos: Kenneth Høegh 2011

Picea x lutzii (hybrid between sitka x white spruce) collected from the Kenai Pininsula in southern Alaska. Planted in the autumn of 1988. Mountain ash (or Rowan) is the local Greenlandic mountain ash.

Area A7: One of the largest Abies lasiocarpa in the Greenlandic Arboretum. Planted in 1976.

Area A4: Group of sibirian larch, planted 1971

Silver birch, Betula pendula, from Gällivare, Sweden, planted in 1997. Photo: Kenneth Høegh 2011

Area A4: Betula pubescens from Fokstua, Dovre fjeld, Norway (1000 mas)

Picea engelmannii from Jackson, Wyoming, USA (43 02 N), planted 1976

Area A7: Pinus contorta var. latifolia, , Colorado, USA (3200 m.o.h.), planted 1976.

Pseudotsuga menziesii, Upper Fraser River, BC, Canada, planted 1976. This is not a tree line species, and it can suffer from climate damage from year to year. It is the only douglas fir in Narsarsuaq.

Area A8: Populus balsamifera, from Byers Lake, Parks Highway, Alaska, USA (62 45N) - planted in 1990

View with mixed undergrowth.

Close up showing mixed undergrowth.