DNA laboratory - Genetics and diversity

Genetic analyzer (ABI3130xl)

The DNA laboratory provides data for research in forest genetics particularly in the fields of tree breeding and population genetics for conservation and management of forest trees as well as research in associated pest and pathogens species.

Various DNA-based tools are used for genotyping (microsatellite markers, DNA-barcoding and DNA-sequencing) and RNA is isolated for transcriptome profiling and gene expression studies. Real-time PCR assays are carried out to identify and quantify selected pests and pathogens in their tree host species as well as to genotype candidate gene loci in functional genomics.  

The lab contains all necessary equipment for sample preparation (weighing, isolation of DNA and RNA), PCR’s, genotyping, real-time PCR analysis for genetic and genomic studies. 

Key instruments

  • Genetic analyzer (ABI3130xl)
  • qPCR instrument (Stratagene Mx3005P)


Responsible researcher
Lene Rostgaard Nielsen
Associate professor

Responsible laboratory assistant
Lene Hasmark Andersen
Laboratory technician


Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management
Rolighedsvej 23
1958 Frederiksberg C