Tissue Culture Laboratory

The research at The Tissue Culture Laboratory is focused on plant physiology and development of methods for in vitro propagation of a large variety of different plant species. The facility, furthermore, houses a cryo gene bank with germplasm of selected geno types.

Tissue culture

Examples of present projects

  • Methods for clonal propagation of conifers by somatic embryogenesis (SE). At present Nordmanns fir (Abies nordmanniana) and Turkish fir (Abies bornmuelleriana) are our model species.
  • Climate adaption of trees – an investigation of the epigenetic memory in nordmanns fir.
  • Clonal field trials of nordmanns fir for selection of elite trees for the Danish Christmas tree industry.
  • Danish orchids: germination of endangered Danish orchids.

Key instruments

  • Equipment for plant- cell and tissue culture
  • Equipment for cryopreservation of plant- cell and tissue cultures
  • Light microscopes, including inverse microscope and macroscope etc.


The facilities at the Tissue Culture Laboratory are accessible to all scientists and students at IGN, however only after an individual introduction by the laboratory technicians. Funding for students projects including training has to be provided by the supervisor.