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Section for Forest, Nature and Biomass

Section for Forest, Nature and Biomass

In Section for Forest, Nature, and Biomass we conduct research in and teach trees and forest biology, ecology, evolution, and potentials. We work with the forest as a global ecosystem and also with trees’ diversity, nature management, genetics, and development of green technologies.

Skog, natur og biomasseForests constitute the largest terrestrial plant community on the planet Earth. This is why knowledge about sustainable use of trees’ biology and forest ecosystems are essential in climate change research, development of green technologies, and the overall understanding of plant biology and evolution.


We have a natural science and experimental approach to our research. We are organised in a number of research groups. Read more about our research.


We are responsible for: MSc in Nature Management and we contribute to: BSc in Natural Resource ManagementBSc in Landscape ArchitectureMSc in Forest and Nature Management, MSc in Agricultural DevelopmentMSc in Climate ChangeMSc in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, And the Erasmus Mundus programs


We disseminate our research through seminars and conferences for professionals as well as researchers, through public-sector services, and through Videntjenesten for Skov og Natur (Danish) and Videntjenesten for Pyntegrønt (Danish).