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Landscape Architecture and Planning

In Section for Landscape Architecture and Planning we conduct research in and teach landscape architecture, urban and rural planning, economically efficient park- and nature management, human use and understanding of the physical environment, and geographical information systems.

Sektion for Landskabsarkitektur og PlanlægningWe conduct research in and teach development tendencies, design and development of good cities and landscapes, new planning tools in the rural landscape, climate adaptation of cities with special focus on rainwater management, nature’s significance in relation to outdoor recreation and health, and rural districts’ development and urban landscape changes.


We have an interdisciplinary research environment with Danish as well as international PhD students and guest lecturers, organised in a number of research groups. Read more about our research.

Study Programmes

We are responsible for the Bachelor’s programme in Landscape Architecture, the Master’s programme in Landscape Architecture and Master of Rural Development and Landscape Management. We contribute to the study programmes BSc in Natural Resource Management and MSc in Nature Management.


We disseminate our research and development projects through courses, seminars, and conferences. Furthermore we disseminate research results to city planners, nature managers, landscape architects, and other advisors within planning and development of cities and urban green spaces in Videntjenesten for Planlægning og Friluftsliv (in Danish) and Videntjenesten for Park og Landskab (in Danish).