Collaboration projects

Collaboration with Arctic Station, Greenland

IGN carries out a number of research projects in close collaboration with private and public companies, because joint projects contribute with good synergy between research and society. The companies get a share of new knowledge, and IGN stays well-informed about needs and tendencies. An example is the project Biomass for the 21st Century.

IGN and the company both contribute to financing the project and both partners generally have the rights to the results. The project is tailored to fit the company’s wishes as best as possible, but will simultaneously be scientifically relevant and be within the aim of the university. The research project is defined in the collaboration agreement.

IGN is also the driving force in larger partnerships, for example Water in Urban Areas, where more than 130 research institutions, producers, utility companies, consultants and public institutions are working together. The aim is to contribute to climatically robust and sustainable cities through productive rainwater management.

Find examples of IGN’s collaboration projects within the individual subject areas:

A number of subsidy schemes will make it easier for companies to enter into collaboration with the university. It is possible to apply for support to finance for example PhD scholarships, research projects and network activities. Read more at University of Copenhagen Business Portal.