Forest, Nature and Biomass

Examples of collaboration projects

B21st: Biomass for the 21st Century

The project platform Biomass for the 21st Century is a ground breaking Danish initiative for the integrated development of biomass and conversion technologies for bio based fuels and chemicals. The platform is led by Professor Claus Felby from IGN. The partners are A.P. Møller Mærsk, DONG Energy, Haldor Topsøe, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Novozymes, Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen. The point of departure is the global need to reduce dependency on fossil resources and to reduce the current high emission of greenhouse gasses. The advanced research within B21st creates a great potential for Danish companies to supply economically and environmentally sustainable technologies to the global market for transforming biomass to fuel and chemicals.


Claus Felby, professor,


The Nordic project ENERWOODS aims at strengthening the role of forests as a significant contributor to the development of competitive, efficient, and renewable energy systems. In the short term (until 2020) the aim is to increase utilization of wood based bioenergy from the Nordic forests, by building on the current energy infrastructure. In the long term (2020-2050) the production will be adapted to a situation where fossil fuels are reduced to a minimum of the energy supply. The project is carried out by a number of Nordic universities and research institutions in close collaboration with the forest sector. The project manager is Senior researcher Palle Madsen from IGN. ENERWOODS is financed by Nordic Energy Research under the programme Sustainable Energy Systems 2050.


Palle Madsen, senior researcher,