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Centre for Cross-disciplinary Chalk Research

The Centre is a research collaboration project between University of Copenhagen and Mærsk Oil & Gas. It has been established because there is a growing need for detailed knowledge about chalk reservoirs.

The largest part of the oil- and gas resources in the Danish part of the North Sea is found in reservoirs that belong to the geological formation the white chalk group. The efficiency of extraction and identification of so far unknown resources are therefore highly dependent on knowledge about the evolutionary history of the white chalk group and the physical characteristics of the rocks.

The Centre includes a number of projects that integrate experimental geophysics and sedimentology, oceanography/paleoceanography, stratigraphy, numerical modelling, and reservoir characterisation. The financial framework is a 15 million DKK grant from Mærsk to the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, who co-finance with 4 million DKK. The collaboration is based on permanent staff at IGN and Mærsk, 5 PhD students and two 4-year assistant professors as well as a number of Danish and international partners.


Lars Nielsen, professor,