Consultancy for professionals

Simon Skov teachesIGN solves explicit assignments for companies, municipalities, government agency, and government department based on our research-based knowledge. IGN’s employees have strong professional competencies, and their knowledge is wide-ranging. This enables us to solve problems that need special competencies or equipment, including analyses, inquiries, or risk assessments, e.g. measurement of mould fungus in wood chips. Consultancy is usually delivered in a report and often leads to a changed practice that saves resources for the company.

Furthermore, IGN consults in smaller individual cases for example the handling of pests. This provides the possibility of solving concrete problems, to which help is needed immediately. Consultancy is often verbal and delivered for example through Videntjenesten (in Danish) for forest and landscape.

The company itself contributes to planning the assignment, and it usually has the right to the results, but the researches can also publish the results. The company fully finances the assignment.

More information can be found on the Danish website.