General conditions for hosting

The most important elements in the work experience placement are described on this page. You will be well prepared for the host role if you have studied these general conditions in detail.



The bachelor work experience placement has two goals: first, the student can become familiar with the work of landscape architecture as a profession; and second, the student can obtain a perspective on how the student internship fits with their studies.

As a host for a bachelor student, the firm or organization can keep up to date with the teaching milieu and educational developments in landscape architecture at the University of Copenhagen, and maintain the interest from future landscape architects.

Contact person and expectations

Before the work experience placement begins, the bachelor host selects one staff member at the workplace who acts as contact person and sparring partner for the student.

The host and the student then agree on the expectations for the work experience placement. This can take the form of agreements as to where and when the student must be present at the host firm, including meeting times, vacation time, etc. The agreement can also specify how the student obtains time to carry out their own academic work and at the same time participate in the work routines of the bachelor host.

The host must provide a computer for the student.


When the expectations, etc. are agreed upon, the student and advisor together draft and sign a contract (pdf) detailing the project.

Advising to the student

The student receives primary advising from their academic advisor at the SCIENCE faculty, but it is expected that the host will follow the student’s project. To the extent that time permits, the bachelor host is encouraged to assist the student in their work with the bachelor project and set standards for the quality of the bachelor’s thesis.

Work experience placement, February 6th to June 15th 2018

When you have agreed upon the cooperation, the academic advisor is brought in and all three of you start a dialogue. The professional goal of the project is discussed and if possible, the tasks are reviewed together. After the meeting, the student and advisor draft and sign a contract for the bachelor project. This occurs in January.

The work experience placement period begins on February 6th 2018 and lasts until June 15th 2018. The student and the bachelor host agree on how the work with the bachelor project and the other work tasks should be carried out.

Integration with the everyday activities of the workplace

It is our experience that the student has the best internship experience when the topic for the bachelor project is anchored in the actual work tasks of the host, or relates itself to recurring professional issues that your firm must deal with.

The well-anchored project can be created, for example, by allowing the student to be loosely connected to a project team based in the host firm, and to assist in solving various tasks connected with this. Alternatively, the student can carry out a thematic study of a professional topic which is of direct interest to the host.

If the student works as part of a project group with a specific project, he or she must carry out an independent analysis of a theme or detailed analysis of a specific problem area in which he or she has been directly involved.

The student can also choose to use their sparring and discussions with colleagues at the host firm in order to carry out their own independent project. This project could consist, of a planning proposal for a given locality, which is often based on an existing program.

The bachelor report and workplace report

The bachelor project can consist of a written text or illustrative materials. It is often the case that it will be a combination of these. Regardless of which type of project document the student produces, he or she must provide an explanation for the choice of method and provide sources. There are no formal requirements for the length or extent of the project document.

The bachelor report must contain the following:

  • Danish and English title and abstract
  • The project’s language can be Danish or English, on agreement with the advisor. If the student is Norwegian- or Swedish-speaking, the project can be written in Norwegian or Swedish.
  • The project objective (problem formulation or program), description of method, and list of sources used
  • The project can consist of a report or as posters

Besides the bachelor report the student has to turn in a workplace report which describes the work experience placement period. The workplace report has to include 4-7 projects or assignments presented with plans, sections, and illustrations or similar. The report also has to include a summary, reflections and a description of his or her contributions to the projects/assignments. The workplace report must not exceed 20 A4 pages, of which the limit of assembled text is 5-10 A4 pages

Mid-term seminar

The student shall present her or his work with the bachelor project to her or his advisor at a mid-term seminar in April 2018. As host, you may elect to participate in the seminar. The mid-term seminar has the character of a mutual orientation where any outstanding issues and working methods are discussed and decisions made as to how the project can best be completed.

The internship concludes

The student must submit the bachelor report on May 31st 2018. The workplace report is due on June 11th 2018. Between submission and exsamination in the end of June the student can finish up other ongoing tasks connected to the internship and prepare for the examination. The host and the student agree upon how the final weeks of the work experience placement are to be concluded.

The examination is public, and the host is therefore welcome to attend. However, we recommend that as host, you consult with the student if you desire to be present at the examination.

Contact with the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management

The contact will be primarily through the student. However, you can always contact the bachelor coordinators if you have questions or want to discuss issues concerning the bachelor internship project.