New bachelor host

Become a bachelor host and obtain vital insight into the competencies of future landscape architects.


Good professional opportunities

In order to become a bachelor host, the firm (or organisation) must have a field of work and a professional environment where the student can solve tasks for the firm while carrying out their bachelor project within landscape architecture and/or urban planning.

An appropriate work experience placement would typically be placed within a municipal or state authority, a private drafting firm or an interest organisation which works in the areas of nature, recreation or planning. The work experience placement project can also be located in a consulting engineering firm or other firm/unit which works with issues of landscape management or planning.

The time period extends over 5 months of which the work experience placement lasts 4 months. The student typically uses half of the time to work on the tasks for the host, and the second half on the bachelor project itself. The student also participates in meetings with their academic advisor, a method seminar, holds a mid-term seminar and prepares for the final oral examination.

The student receives a state educational stipend (SU) during their internship period.

Matching the host and the student

The bachelor host is accepted following an individual assessment, where every effort is made to match the student’s wishes and the host’s possibilities. In order to be accepted as host, the firm/organisation must provide the student with a workspace and a computer.

At a meeting between the bachelor host, the student and the academic advisor, agreement is reached on mutual expectations as to how the student will take part in the tasks for the host and how the work on the bachelor project can be integrated into the work. The student and advisor then draft a contract for the bachelor project. The student’s work is then organized, in collaboration with the bachelor host.

The firm/organisation can choose to become a host for one or more students who carry out their project together or individually. The host can simply offer the work experience placement to all interested students or it can solicit applications from students, after which they are selected.

Contact and deadline

If you wish to become a bachelor project host, please contact a bachelor coordinator. Your firm/organisation will then be added to a list of hosts, and you will be asked to complete a form where you can suggest one or more relevant project topics. The contact information for the coordinators can be found in the right column on this page. It is a good idea to read more about the general conditions before adding your name to the list.

Read about the general conditions 

In the list of hosts, you can see the names of participating firms and project titles.