Timetable and activity schedule for the work experience placement

Obtain an overview of the work experience placement in the timetable.


The timetable illustrates the internship process in 2017-2018.

If you would like information on the work experience placement process for the spring 2018, please contact a bachelor coordinator.

Time period


September 2018

Information meeting for students about the study year, including the bachelor project and the work experience placement.

September 2018

September, those bachelor hosts who had hosted a student in the spring of 2017 are contacted, as well as others who we assumed could be interested in acting as hosts. In the late September/early of October, we expect to have a host list which will be presented to the students.

October 2018

Application process. Some hosts would like to receive brief application letters from the students, and they may also want to call them in for an interview. Others provide a workspace for the disposition of the student, to be allocated among the students.

December 2018

The final allocation of bachelor places must be completed primo December. The students organise the allocation of the placements themselves. This requires time to obtain the wishes of the students and from the hosts in order to match them; therefore, there may remain work experience placement that are not entirely allocated until the month of January. Start December, the bachelor coordinator can provide information regarding the work experience placements that have been assigned.

December 2018

Each student is assigned an academic advisor. Here we attempt as much as possible to meet the wishes of the student.

January 2019

Work experience placement. During the period, the student alternates between practical work on the bachelor project (1/2) and other work tasks for the host firm/organisation (1/2). Time is allocated for meetings with the academic advisor, a method seminar, the mid-term seminar and examination, and the necessary time for preparation.

6. February-15 June 2019

Mid-term seminar. At the mid-term seminar, the student presents the bachelor project, which receives comments and is discussed with the advisor and another student who acts as ’opponent’. Any outstanding issues, unclear points and issues of working methods are discussed and a plan formulated for how the bachelor project is to be completed. The bachelor host is invited to participate.

May-June 2019

The bachelor report is submitted on May 31st. The workplace report is due on June 11th. Between submission and examination the student completes remaining tasks at the bachelor host and prepares for the examination. The host and the student agree upon how the final weeks are to be organized, including how the work experience placement is to be concluded in a good and orderly way.

18. - 29. June 2019

Final oral bachelor report examination. The examination lasts about one hour, where the student presents their project and their process description. The external examiner and advisor ask questions, make comments and discuss the project, after which they decide on a grade.

The workplace report examination takes form of a seminar in groups where the student have the opportunity to discuss their experience from their work experience placement.