Public-sector services

Forest in DenmarkIGN carries out public-sector services for agencies, ministries and international organisation e.g. the EU, FAO and World Health Organisation. The task is to deliver impartial and certain knowledge that can be used as basis for political decisions. The work is based on IGN’s research and includes monitoring, consultancy, and dissemination.

We carry out permanent public-sector services for the Danish Ministry of the Environment within the frame of UCPH’s performance contract with the ministry. Furthermore we monitor the state of the forests and the development of the forestry for the Nature Agency. Other assignments are solved when needed.

IGN works by the principles of the Faculty of Science for public-sector services, including the principles of Danish Universities’ White Paper on research-based public-sector services. Read the Faculty’s “Code of Conduct” .

For examples on IGN’s public-sector services see the Danish website Forskningsbaseret Rådgivning.