Sustainable forest bioenergy study tour and carbon modeling workshop

Advancing the dialogue on pathways towards development of sustainable forest landscapes for production of wood for energy and the bioeconomy; collaboration, data, research, monitoring and governance.


Engage stakeholders and bring them together around the following:

Dialogue on which governance structures, collaborations, monitoring and knowledge could be improved in the near term to make progress towards more sustainable management of boreal and temperate forest landscapes, including a range from intensively managed to conservation forests. Focus will be on forests of Northern Europe, with a view to North American forests and their management.

Identification of ways to improve collaboration around regional, national and international research programs, data and data sharing for documenting sustainable forest management, informing policy review, revising standards, and developing sustainable domestic and international wood-based supply chains for energy, products and materials.

Exploring the opportunities offered by models to quantify carbon and climate benefits from forests, in the context of governance, and identifying gaps requiring further model development moving forward.

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