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Chemical imaging of plant cell walls

PhD-course, June 4-8 2018, 4 ECTS, University of Copenhagen

The chemistry of plant cell walls varies between different ultrastructural layers. Physicochemical treatments and biological organisms such as fungi and bacteria may alter the chemistry unevenly and thus further increase the chemical heterogeneity.

Consequently, detailed information about the chemistry and its spatial variability is often required to understand the causes and effects of a physiochemical or biological process.

This PhD-course introduces young researchers to a number of chemical imaging techniques that can provide spatially resolved chemical and structural information in high resolution. These include X-ray synchrotron techniques, Raman and Infrared Microspectroscopy, Ultraviolet MicroSpectroPhotometry, Atomic Force Microscopy, as well as advanced chemometric tools for analysing imaging data. The course is provided by an international team of expert researchers from Denmark, France, Germany, Switzerland and the USA.

In connection with the course, students can apply for a limited number of short research stays at Scandinavian research institutions with free access to some of the described techniques. Furthermore, the course is a chance to network with fellow young researchers from across Europe while enjoying springtime in Southern Scandinavia.

We look forward to welcoming you in Copenhagen!