Thomas Nord-Larsen

Thomas Nord-Larsen

Senior Researcher

With a career dedicated to the intersection of forest ecology, remote sensing technology, and sustainable resource management, my work is driven by a passion for understanding and conserving our planet's forests. I've devoted my career to exploring the dynamics of forest growth, carbon dynamics, and the sustainable provision of ecosystem services.

Research Interests

My primary research interests lie in:

  • Forest Resource Assessment: Leveraging ground-based inventories and advanced remote sensing technologies to enhance our understanding of forest resources.
  • Carbon Dynamics: Investigating the role of forests in carbon sequestration and the implications for climate change mitigation.
  • Sustainable Forest Management: Developing strategies for forest management that support the bio-based economy while ensuring the provision of critical ecosystem services.

Key Achievements

  • Led significant projects like "Forests Fit For Future" and contributed to enhancing the EU's climate policy through cost-effective carbon sequestration strategies.
  • Pioneered in applying remote sensing and statistical analyses for error assessment in forest inventory estimations, pushing the boundaries of traditional methodologies.
  • My dedication to teaching and student mentorship has been recognized with excellent student reviews, and several of my supervised projects have been awarded "Project of the Year."
  • As an associate editor for the Canadian Journal of Forest Research and a valued member of various scientific committees, I contribute to the advancement of our field globally.

Publications and Contributions

With an h-index of 25 and over 72 peer-reviewed journal articles, my work has contributed significantly to the scientific community's understanding of forest ecosystems. My commitment to both scientific excellence and practical applications of research is evident in my role in over 150 research contributions, including technical reports, book chapters, and conference proceedings.


Beyond academia, I engage in public and private advisory roles, providing insights at national and international levels, including the Ministry of Environment and the EU FAO. My expertise has also reached broader audiences through newspaper articles and appearances on national radio and TV, emphasizing the importance of forests in our everyday lives.


For collaboration, consultation, or further discussion about my work, please feel free to contact me.

ID: 6209700