Jon Kehlet Hansen

Jon Kehlet Hansen

Senior researcher

Date of birth


Oktober 11th, 1963.



Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen. Rolighedsvej 23, DK-1958 Frederiksberg C.Telephone (+45)35331635. E-mail:


Academic degrees

1990: Master of Science (Forestry), Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University (KVL). 1999: Ph.D. Forest Genetics, KVL.



1993-1996 PhD student at the Arboretum, KVL.

1996-2001 Research assistant and assistant Professor at the Arboretum, KVL.

2001-2002 Research Scientist at the Danish Forest and Landscape Research Institute.

2002-2003 Assistant Professor at the Arboretum

2003-     Senior Researcher at Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen  




Forest Genetics: quantitative genetics, tree breeding strategies, domestication of trees and bushes; e.g. Quercus robur, Quercus petreae, Picea sitchensis, Picea abies and Pseudotsuga menziesii,  Tectona grandis, Jatropha curcas


Adaptation and evolution: climate- and geographical patterns in phenology among populations, norms of reaction to climate, adaptive potential of species, phenotypic plasticity, dendrochronology and climate response modelling


Wood quality: spiral grain, wood density, wood quality and economics.


Management experience and research programs   

Responsible for breeding programs in Denmark of Picea sitchensis, Picea abies and Pseudotsuga menziesii, Quercus robur, Quercus petraea.


Research programs:

Klimatilpasning i kambiumaktivitet, karstørrelser og -hyppighed i slægterne Quercus og Fagus (støttet af GBHF fonden)


Genetisk variation og fænotypisk plasticitet i vedkarstrukturer i stilkeg (Quercus robur L.) (støttet af GBHF fonden)


Teaching and supervising



Plant Breeding Course at the University of Copenhagen






Senior Scientist

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