Weiwei Huang

Weiwei Huang

Visiting researcher

  • Forest and Landscape Ecology

    Rolighedsvej 23

    1958 Frederiksberg C

    Phone: +45 35 32 10 72

I am a Postdoc working with dendrochronology and dendroecology at the University of Copenhagen.

I had a master degree in silviculture. In my master thesis I worked with resistant physiological and photosynthetic mechanisms of Eucalyptus grandis under potential allelopathy of Cinnamomum septentrionale.

My PhD project is based on the hypotheses that annual growth and various wood properties depend closely on climatic factors including especially temperature and precipitation fluctuations over years and months. The aim of the PhD project was to assess how growth, wood properties and anatomic features of eight different dominant tree species in Danish forest respond to long-term drought and high temperatures. The results obtained are then projected into future climate scenarios to learn more about to what degree their growth will be influenced by expected climate changes. 

ID: 91245752