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Andrew Gordon Howe

Andrew Gordon Howe


I work across different fields within applied urban ecology including insect-plant communities, human-nature interactions and green infrastructure management.  

Presently, collaborative projects focus on multifunctional urban stormwater management and enhancing urban nature for people and non-human organisms.

I teach the course Biodiversity in Urban Nature and continuously supervise MSc students from Landscape architecture, Biology and Nature Management.

My PhD focused on community interactions involving the invasive harlequin ladybeetle, native insects and entomopathogenic fungi. This work combined classic laboratory investigations of interspecific competition between predators with DNA gut-content analysis of insects caught in tree crowns. The study provides new insights into consequences of invasive species on urban biodiversity. 

Since moving to Denmark from Australia in 2001, I have completed a BSc at Roskilde University Centre followed by a MSc from University of Copenhagen. Previous projects span pressures of urbanisation on beetles to predation services provided by arthropods in tropical agroecosystems.



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