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Lars Nørgaard Hansen

Lars Nørgaard Hansen


  • Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in general and genetic resources in forest trees in particular, including management, monitoring, conservation and applied research within these fields.
  • The dynamics of reproductive systems (i.e. pollination and seed dispersal mechanisms) in regard to understand the genetic population structure and gene flow of plant species and their patterns of distribution and local adaptation.
  • The biology of Danish shrub and tree species with particular reference to their ecological and genetic dynamics, distribution and occurrence, habitat preferences and amplitude as well as their conservation and use in landscape enrichment.
  • Data and sample collection under field - and lab - conditions.
  • Sustainable project strategies that integrates the development needs of rural communities with environmental concern and conservation of biodiversity.
  • The Himalayan Region: Its flora, fauna and ecology as well as its environmental and developmental challenges.

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