Lars Graudal

Lars Graudal

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  • Forest, Nature and Biomass

    Rolighedsvej 23, 1958 Frederiksberg C, Baghus, Building: A1.20

    Phone: +45 35 33 16 16Mobile: +45 30 66 35 20

Head of Division, Forest Genetic Resources and the LIFE Arboretum, at the Danish Centre for Forest, Landscape and Planning, Faculty of Life Sciences since 2004.

  • Twenty-five years of professional experience, of which ten as manager.
  • Field experience from more than fifty missions, several as team leader, to more than twenty countries, mainly in the tropics.
  • Skilled in appraisal, formulation, implementation and evaluation of projects. Significant fund raising ability.
  • Familiar with international organisations, development policies, and the international policy dialogue in forestry and environment including biodiversity, climate change, desertification and biomass for energy.
  • Large network of national institutions and personal contacts in the tropics.
  • Specialised in use and conservation of genetic resources of trees.
  • Member of the FAO Panel of Experts on Forest Gene Resources 2001-2007.

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