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Lars Holger Schmidt

Lars Holger Schmidt

Senior Adviser

Profile: About 22 years of post graduate experience of which 10 years on forestry development projects in Asia and Africa. Experience from both short and long term consultancy serviuce. Experience covers all aspects on project implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation and institutional collaboration. Broad experience on training including curriculum development to implementation, from academic to farmer level. Production of a number of information material including technical notes, articles, film script, extension material and handbooks. Course coordinator and teacher of Agroforestry at LIFE. Research on Allanblackia in East Africa. Key words: Curriculum development and training, extension and training material, national and regional strategies on conservation of forest genetic resources (SE Asia), seed biology and production, seed handling practices and plant propagation technique, socio-economic analysis (RRA), seed policy and regulations, species trials, project administration and management (incl. reporting, budget control, work plans, monitoring and evaluation and activity management), agroforestry, Allanblackia.

ID: 4223368