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Jytte Agergaard

Jytte Agergaard

Associate Professor

Jytte Agergaard

Associate Professor (PhD)

*  January 2017 *


Geography Section,

Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (IGN)
University of Copenhagen

Øster Voldgade 10
1350 Copenhagen K
Phone: (+ 45) 353 22567
Mobile (+45) 2446 9856

1998 PhD in Geography, Department of Geography, University of Copenhagen, specializing in migration and development in the Third World (Maternity leave February 1995-January 1996)
1991 MSc, Human Geography, Department of Geography, University of Copenhagen, specializing in Development Geography
1984 BA in History Department of History, University of Copenhagen, specializing in Contemporary History and Third World Development.

Employment and positions

2002- Associate professor, Department of Geography (now Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management), University of Copenhagen
1999-2002 Assistant professor, Department of Geography, University of Copenhagen
1998-1999 Assistant professor, Department of Geography, University of Copenhagen (9 months employment in relation to DUCED SLUSE program)
1995-1996 Maternity leave (12 months)
1993-1998 Research student at Department of Geography, University of Copenhagen
1991-1993 High school teacher, Copenhagen
1992 Part time lecturer, Department of Geography, University of Copenhagen
1991 Maternity leave (8 months)

Selected scientific projects and funding

Rural-Urban Transformation (RUT): Governance, Mobility and Economic dynamics in Emerging Urban Centres for Poverty Reduction (2014-18) (Funded by FFU/Danida) – Researcher

Building Stronger Universities Phase II, Kathmandu University (2014-16) (Funded by Danida) Danish WP leader for WP1, ‘Liveable Urban Futures’

RurbanAfrica – Rural City Connections in Sub-Saharan Africa (2012-2016) (EU funded FP7 project including nine other partners than UCPH from Tanzania, Rwanda, Cameroon, Ghana, Netherlands, France and UK) (Principal investigator)

Nepal on the Move: Conflict, migration and stability (2011-2016) (Funded by FFU/Danida Principal investigator of the sub-project ‘Movers, stayers and mobile citizenship building up a New Nepal

Rural-Urban Complementarities for the Reduction of Poverty. Identifying the Contribution of Savings and Credit Facilities, Tanzania (RUCROP) (2009-2015) (Funded by FFU/Danida) Researcher

Gender equity in contract farming in Eastern Africa (2012-14) (Funded by ESRC-DfID) Researcher

Rural-urban dynamics in a globalizing world: changing livelihoods and settlement patterns in frontier regions of Africa and Asia (2005-2009) (Funded by FFU/Danida) Researcher and co-PI

Local responses to global education reforms: Lessons learnt from decentralisation and community involvement in public schooling in Nepal (2004-2007) (Funded by FFU/Danida) Researcher

Public Education; The Road to Development? An investigation into Perceptions and Expectations of Modern Education in Nepal (2001-2004) (FFU – Danida) Funds for PostDoc research


PostDoc Supervision

The rise of the African middle class: Understanding the nexus of middle class formation and urban transformation processes in Africa, Dr. Manja Hoppe Andreasen

Small Town Development in Ghana’s Cocoa Frontier, Dr. Michael Helt Knudsen

Gender Equity in Contract Farming, Dr. Martin Prowse


PhD supervision

Employment and wider economic dynamic outcomes of foreign agricultural investors in Tanzania, Festo Maro (ongoing)

The Urban Future: Exploring Connections between Translocal Practices and Urbanization in Nepal, Ditte Rasmussen Broegger (ongoing)

Becoming Urbanites: Livelihood, Gender and Youth Transformations in Emerging Urban Centres of Tanzania, Susanne Haunstrup Kirkegaard (ongoing)

Migration, Local Development and Citizenship in Nepal, Binayak Thapa (ongoing)

Suburbanization, intra-urban mobility and homeownership aspirations: Exploring processes and dynamics of urban expansion from the viewpoint of residents living in the periphery of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Manja Hoppe Andreasen (graduated 2016)

Negotiating life chances: The lives of young people and socio-political change in rural eastern Nepal Marina Korzenevica (graduated 2016)

Political geographies of displacement by dispossession in Colombia. The case of afrodescendant communities in the Alto Cauca, Irene Velez Torres (graduated 2014)

Between talent and migrant: international students’ status transition to foreign workers in Denmark. Ana Mosneaga (graduated 2012)

Becoming Citizens: Youth, Schooling and Citizenship in Post-War Rural Nepal, Birgitte Lind Petersen (graduated 2011)

When Women Make "Houses": Female Labour Migration and Family Transition in Rural Vietnam, Thao Thi Vu (graduated 2011)

Livelihoods, mobility and settlement dynamics in Ghana's cocoa frontier, Michael Helt Knudsen (graduated 2008) (with Niels Fold)

Undergraduate Courses in Human Geography: Introduction to Human Geography; Globalization and Spatial Transformations; Globalization and Local Development; Field Methodologies in Human Geography (occasionally).

Graduate courses in Human Geography: Environment, Society and Development; International Migration and Diasporas; Livelihoods and Rural-Urban Connections; Field- and Methods Course (occasionally – previously in Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Ghana)

Graduate course in Global Development (Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen): Transnational Actors and Place Making

MSc Supervision; Since 2002, supervised 53 MSc projects for graduation + three ongoing


2016 PhD thesis: Understanding the lived experiences and identities of young rural to urban migrants in Vietnam, Thi Thang Thao Dang, University of Queensland.

2016 PhD thesis: Social Safety Nets for Development. Poverty reduction programmes for the provision of food security in Bangladesh, Ismat Mahmuda, Aalborg University.

2015 PhD thesis: “No Friends but the Mountains” Understanding Population Mobility and Land Dynamics in Iraqi Kurdistan, Lina Eklund, Lund University 2015.

2012 PhD thesis (head of assessment committee): Living with development and climate change in Northern Ghana. Global processes and translocal relations, Mette Fog Olwig, University of Copenhagen.

2011 PhD thesis: Protracted displacement and solutions to displacement: Listening to displaced persons (refugees and IDPS) in Ghana and Sri Lanka, Suzanne Y.A. Tete, NTNU.

2010 PhD thesis: Patterns of migration and socio-economic change in Lao PDR, Kabmanivanh Phouxay, Umeå University.

2009 PhD thesis (head of assessment committee): Børnefamiliers udflytninger og bostedsvalg i et hverdagslivsperspektiv, Louise Glerup Aner, Københavns Universitet.

2007 PhD thesis: Beyond Mountains. The Impact of Pakistani Territorialisation on Balti Livelihoods and Migration Processes. Ole Jensen, International Development Studies, Roskilde University.

2006 PhD thesis (head of assessment committee): Fields of attraction, social implications of institutional restructuring of agricultural development in Thailand, Lotte Isager, University of Copenhagen.

Boards and committees
2016-2016  Member of Danida’s External Grant Committee – as of 1st of January 2017, the committee’s responsibilities have been taken over by the Council for Development Policy.

2007-2012  Member of the editorial board for Museum Tusculanum Press' series on Migration, Mobility and Integration,
2007-2012  Member of academic reference group for the SIDA supported Swedish South Asian Studies Network (SASNET)
2004-2010  Staff representative for the academic staff (tillidsmand), Department of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen.
2004-2010  Vice-chair of the department cooperation board (samarbejdsudvalget), Department of Geography and Geology, University of Copenhagen.
2001-2003  Staff representative in the board overseeing the department project on ‘Development of Staff and Institutional Competencies', Department of Geography, University of Copenhagen
2000-2007  Member of the committee responsible for the working environment (arbejdsmiljø udvalget) at the Department of Geography, University of Copenhagen

2000-2011  Member of Ph.D. Standing Committee, Department of Geography, University of Copenhagen

External Examiner
2003 External Examiner in Geography, Denmark, 2003-present
2006 International Development Studies and Global Developmen, Roskilde University, 2006-present


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