Thomas Friborg

Thomas Friborg


Place of work

Department of Geosciences and Natural ressource management

University of Copenhagen

Øster Voldgade 10

DK 1350 København K
Phone: +45 35322574 (direct), 3532 2500 (switch board)
E-mail tfj(snabel a)

Personal data and education
1995 Ph.D. Physical Geography, Climatology and CO2 exchange. (Univ. of Copenhagen).
1992 M.Sc Physical Geography, Water balance and remote sensing. (Univ. of Copenhagen).


2021- Professor in Physical geography(micrometeorology)
2004 - Associate professor at Institute of Geography and Geology, Univ. of Copenhagen
2001-2004 Associate research professor at Institute of Geography. SNF Financed project entitled: Greenhouse gas inventory for a terrestrial ecosystem.
1999-2001 Associate research professor at Institute of Geography. EU financed research project CONGAS.
1998 Visiting researcher at Institute of Arctic Biology, University of Alaska Fairbanks, responsible for methane exchange measurements over a thermokarst area in Bonanza Creek, Fairbanks.
1997 Climate consultant to Land Use Planning Project in Bhutan (Denconsult).
1996-99 Post-Doc researcher Institute of Geography. EU-financed Topic: Climatology, Greenhouse gases in arctic areas.

Professional activities
Climatology, Greenhouse gas budgets and processes behind exchange of CO2 and CH4 in ecosystems, water balance

Field work

Participant in 25 expeditions/field campaigns in Sweden, Greenland, Russia, Alaska and West Africa



ICOS Denmark, ICOS CIties(Horison 2020); Greenland Ecosystem monitoring program (GEM) ICOS RIGEM

Previous projects: CarboNorth projekt (EU) , DeFrost ( NordForsk). EcoClim (Strategic Research council), Page 21 (EU FP-7). CarboMont (EU), CONGAS (EU), LAPP(EU), HAPEX-Sahel(EU)and HOBE Center for Hydrology (Villum Kann Rasmussen fonden)

Publikationer: Please see: or ResearcherID: E-5433-2015


>20 M. Sc., 6 Ph.D. 4 PostDocs

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