Thilde Bech Bruun

Thilde Bech Bruun

Associate Professor

Primary fields of research

  • Carbon and nutrient dynamics in tropical agro-ecosystems.
  • Effects of land use changes on carbon storage in soil and vegetation.
  • Effects of management practice on the productivity of small scale tropical farming systems.
  • Relations between soil organic carbon and soil quality.
  • Stabilization of organic carbon in tropical soils

My recent research has focused on the environmental effects of some of the dominant land use changes that are durrently taking place in the tropics - for example the transitions from traditional land use systems to systems that are dominated by oil palm plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia or the change from shifting cultivation to intensive cultivation of maize in Thailand. I am also currently involved in a study of carbon storage in rubber plantations and in shifting cultivation systems under various levels of intensification in northern Laos. I have participated in several interdisciplinary research projects investigating drivers and consequences of land use change in South East Asia, in projects investigating the sustainability of agricultural production systems in the Solomon Islands and Vietnam and in projects looking into the social and environmental impacts of cassava based biofuel production in Mali.

The regional focus of my research is Northern Laos, Northern Thailand, Malaysian Borneo, Indonesia, Northern Vietnam, Ghana, Southern Mali and Solomon Islands.

I am responsible for the MSc course 'Climate Change - an Interdisciplinary Challenge' that is one of the mandatory courses at the MSc in Climate Change offered at University of Copenhagen. I am teaching a MSc field course in Interdisciplinary Land Use and Natural Resource Management (ILUNRM) under the MSc program in Sustainable Land Use and Natural Resource Management (

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