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Christin Abel

Christin Abel

PhD fellow

My research as a PhD student is directed towards analyzing and understanding vegetation and land cover changes in Global Drylands, with a main focus on the Sahel zone.
Originally educated in Cartography, I have been working in the field of environmental related remote sensing within large international projects in both, academia and private-sector companies (e.g. Copernicus Land, Clima GIO Land HR Layer Forest, Riparian Zones, CLIMA).
I gained broad experience in the implementation of application-oriented, commercial and research-based projects as well as proposal and business related activities. I possess profound skills in GIS and remote sensing systems, image processing and analysis, raster and vector data processing and development of mapping products.
My scientific interests refer to environmental monitoring with the use of integrated remote sensing and GIS technology, python programming as well as map production and geodata processing.

ID: 153357391