Katerina Trepekli

Katerina Trepekli

Visiting researcher

My principle area of research interest concerns the framework of micrometeorology and hydrology.

In several years, I have designed and implemented experiments using drone borne Laser scanners (LiDAR), gas analyzers, thermal and multispectral imagery to monitor dynamics of terrestrial ecosystems and urban sites due to climate alterations and anthropogenic activities.

Related projects:

  • Identification of structural and biophysical alterations in a tropical rainforest due to different land management practices (Central America),
  • Evaluation of above ground biomass in forests using airborne, drone-based LiDAR observations, and Deep Learning methods (Denmark),
  • Forecast urban flooding at fine resolution in rapidly expanding cities using Lidar-derived and satellite-based Digital Elevation Models (Africa)
  • Detection of drought stress of forest trees by combining phenotyping and genotyping (Denmark)
  • Mapping aerodynamic resistance, above ground biomass, water vapor and CO2 fluxes in croplands using near surface observations (Denmark)
  • Assessing the applicability of UAV gas analyzers and photogrammetry to generate maps of CO2 emissions in an arctic wetland site (Greenland)
  • Describing the Urban Heat Island phenomenon in a coastal metropolitan under heat wave conditions using the Eddy Covariance method (Greece)
  • Quantification of evapotranspiration and mercury fluxes in a coastal grassland during drought (Greece)

ID: 196033191